how to overcome masturbation or pornography


struggling with masturbation & sexual fantasies

a habit and addiction always start somewhere and it is usually because of the ESCAPE, COMFORT or physical PLEASURE it brings into our lives. then it become a habit and lifestyle

it could also started when someone violated us sexually or enticed us into sexual activities with them

sometimes i need comforting effects and sometimes i need escape from difficult situations, stress, life etc. and other times i just want to feel the pleasure it provide…



struggling with pornography & sexual immorality

there are so many possibilities of how we got involved, but the real issue is that we are the ones struggling and we know its wrong, but we cannot help ourselves to stop

there is nothing wrong with us to be interested in sexual stuff, all men are. God made us to react sexually and be interested in sex

He gave us clear guidelines on how to keep us safe from harm. these uncomfortable things i might experience right now…


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